Internet Booking Engine

Internet Booking Engine is a web-based booking system, that allows passengers to make bookings and manage their flight reservations and benefit from other services available. An internet booking engine lets customers specify their travel requirements such as city of departure, destination, departure&return dates, and class of travel.

One of the important factors and essential requirements of airlines when choosing and purchasing a plane ticket reservation system is to have an API output to provide to websites and online ticket sales applications, therefore Nira Company has its own software web service.  And provide it to airlines so that they can use it on their own websites as well as at airline agencies and online tourism sales websites.


NRS Internet Booking Engine System contains the following features:

Advanced Seat Reservation Support
SSR Support
Automatic Refund
Flight Schedule
Multiple Payment Gateway Supoort
Multi Lingual
Zero Admin (Fully integrated with the PSS system)
Complete Internet Booking Engine fully compatible with NRS & Sita Reservation Systems, supports multi segment reservation & E-Ticket issue.


By clicking on the name of each of our clients, you will be able to see their E-Booking page:

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