Passenger Revenue Accounting

The purpose of Nira system is to provide comprehensive and integrated software in all areas, including passenger revenue accounting system.

Among the services of this system, the following can be mentioned:

  • GL double entry accounting interface
  • Instant and Real Time connectivity with the PSS
  • General GL system interface for multiple double entry accounting systems
  • Possibility of defining credit limit and payment deadline for users and affiliated agencies
  • Ability to provide document output as a web service or Excel at the request of any airline
  • Zero admin Revenue Accounting system


IATA Standard Revenue Accounting Engine containing the following features:

Fully IATA Resolution 750 Compatible.
CCE (Credit Calculation Engine)
Standard Sales Reports (RTRD & etc.)
Type B Messaging Support
Supports RET & ETLR formats.
Flight Interruption Manifests Revenue Management
Paper & ET Ticket Stock Management
Fraud Detection Features
Revenue Management
Dynamic GL Coding
GL Export System
Hundreds of Reports
Fully Automated Charter Revenue Accounting
Revenue Treasury Management
Paper Tickets Revenue Accounting
Long Term Ticket History Archive
NIF / ADM / ACM Support
Code Share / Interline Revenue Accounting
Reports & Calculations for Many Government Organizations


By clicking on the name of each of our clients, you will be able to see their Revenue Accounting page:

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