Air Fare

By Using Nira system, you can define quotas, define tickets, price, introduce your users with different levels of access and divide the work.

Undoubtedly, the correct pricing will have a great impact on sales.

The point here is that Nira system by providing an environment to define different rate conditions based on each defined policy, has enabled the user to define the desired rate with the most favorable conditions.


NRS AirFare System contains the following features:

IATA Standard Fare Rule Management
IATA Standard Tax Calculation
Supports Multiple Fare Combinations (OW/RT/SOJ/DOJ/CIRCLE)
Exchange Rates & Multi Currency Calculations
SITI/SOTO/SOTI/SITO Fare Calculations
ATPCO Standard Fare Conditions
IATA Resolution 100 compatibilityDynamic Commission Rules
Automatic & Dynamic CRCN / Penalty Calculation
Excess Baggage Dynamic Pricing
Charter Fare Calculation Engine
Standard Fare Proration
Dynamic Discounts
Dynamic Invoices