Electronic Ticketing Engine

The new era of digitalization continues to impact the way we live, work, interact and relate to one another.

And, with this unprecedented change, a new world of opportunities opens up for all online travel agencies. But to embrace the change, they need to adapt quickly to new and shifting market dynamics and fast evolving travelers’ needs.

To support business growth, Nira has evolved to become a Live Travel Space. Powered by Nira technology and our people’s expertise, our Live Travel Space is where all players can connect and collaborate to address the needs of travelers and provide them with a wide range of travel options at any given moment.

Read more below to find out how you can improve your online business performance and deliver travelers the trips they expect by working with Nira.


NRS E-Ticketing System contains the following features:

Automatic Electronic Stock Management
Auto Charge
Credit Control Engine
Interactive, Control Method & ETL integration with DCS
Multi Langual Ticket Printing
Automatic Pricing support
Manual Pricing support
IATA Standard Ticket Status Flow
Ticket Issue, Refund, Void, Exchnage, Revalid & etc.
Automatic Dynamic Penalty / CRCN calculation
Text Message Integration
E-Mail Integration
Type B Standard Messaging
E-Ticket History